Thursday, May 01, 2008

How Much Is $113 Worth to You?

Kyra went to her first tumbling class today.

Well, first "trail class" anyway.

She had fun. She ran, jumped, climbed, painted and had her hand stamped when it was all said and done with.

Did you notice anything missing? No? How about there was not a bit of tumbling involved? Except for the kids tripping and falling over their own feet but I hardly count that when the class is called Tumbles Creates.

Oh, but, here's the real kicker. Kyra absolutely LOVED the class. She sat patiently, waited for her turn, when she was confused she didn't throw a tantrum and the painting with her hands today was just the icing on the cake. To top it off, she was complimented by all the staff when we left about how well she listened and followed directions. "She's much more advanced then two and a half," they said. I was a proud mother.

Here's the kicker. They want $113 for their next 7 week session.

1 day a week.

45 minutes a day.

7 weeks.

113 dollars.

For 1 child.

And I not only have to show up but stick around. For that price I'd at least expect them to send us overworked Mommies down the street to get our nails done free of charge. But no, none of that.

So, now I'm torn.

Kyra loved the class. I loved the structure and creativeness of the class- even with the lack of tumbling involved. And I was totally prepared to shell out the 50 or so dollars I expected to pay. But twice that? Gah!

The best part of this Tumble Creates class... Kyra went down for her nap at 1:30 today, with out a tantrum thrown in for good measure- and fell asleep!

113 dollars is starting to sound so very worth it.

What'd'ya think?

**remember, I am not cheap but like to think myself to be reasonable. Does this even sound reasonable or am I just on cloud nine because my kid hasn't thrown a significant tantrum in the last 40 hours even though, yes, I realize 11 of those hours were spent with her sleeping and yesterday she watched Monsters, Inc. twice and every other second of the day I gave her my utmost attention because I was going to be damned if I had another day like Tuesday where she was just lucky to be alive when I calmly tucked her in bed at 6:30 as she was kicking and screaming in a very loud and very 2ish manner?


  1. So, if I understand correctly, if you sign her up she will have 7 sessions total. Sooo... $113 divided by 7 is $16.14 per 45 minute session. That really doesn't sound that bad. It's more than I would expect to pay, but I don't think it is a terrible price. And I'm also not Kyra's mother, so I have no idea if 45 minutes of fun plus a tantrum free nap time is worth $16.14.

  2. Lindsey makes a good point ... and when you break it down further, that's less than 36 cents per minute. :-) i'm thinking do it if your budget can handle it ...

  3. Whew, I was going to say go for it! Without doing the math, lol! You've got some smart friends! Go for it- she'll file it in her good memory box in her little mind for years to come!

    Btw, to answer your question. We're def on the hunt for a new pedi- probably going to take her to Doc. Morris by Mom's. He's more than qualified- was Zoeys' pedi and mine, toO!!

  4. LOL I was going to play devil's advocate and say $113 for a total of about 4 hours of tumbling would not be worth it to me. (Especially since knowing my kiddo and how she'd whinge and carry on about wanting to go every single day!)

    But the way Lindsey puts it, $16 for a 45min session sounds awesomely cheap so she's making me reconsider my answer. :D

  5. I think that 113$ is a steal!