Saturday, August 04, 2007

Who Out There Can Cut A Strait Line?

I hate getting my hair cut... it suck... because here in New England there isn't a soul who can cut a fucking strait line.

I dared to get it done again. How hard is it to follow these instructions: 1) cut 1 inch off the back. 2) cut the front to frame my face.

Wanna guess how many of these instructions she got right this time? If you guess cutting the back, then you get and A!

The whole framing my face is what we did not accomplish today. Instead of framing my face, it now tappers to the back, the depth of my head. It starts at my jaw, ends at my shoulders and it's hideous. HID-E-OUS!

I think the only requirements to pass the hair cutting part of the exam is to properly hold a pair of scissors, give me a few days, Kyra's gonna have her first job in no time!

Until then, I think I'm doing pony tails for the next 8 weeks.


  1. you just reminded me to make a mental note to self to get my hair cut here before i leave to come back there, lol!

  2. That sucks! I have never been happy with any haircut I've received around the Savannah area. But when I lived in Tifton, I found the PERFECT hairdresser! She never once gave me a bad cut, and she could read my mind about what I wanted. I miss her so much. Now I just go back to getting trims because I'm so scared of getting whacked. I'm seriously contemplating a new hairstyle though, I'm just too chicken to actually go through with it.