Thursday, May 10, 2007

Greetings From the Sunshine State

That's right, we've been on the move again. And, once again, we are stuck back in the world of dial up internet.

We have ventured down to my Granma's house for the rest of our summer stay. As it turns out, the Bible Belt was not for Kyra or myself. Things were not as calm, peaceful or easy going as I had hoped when we first arrived. Someone reminded me, as I was packing my bags in tears, of the old saying "You can never go home." That saying turns out to be more true then I ever knew.

However, we have turned over a new leaf. We are amongst the acres of trees, cattle and horse land. We wander around feeling the cool breeze, basking in the radiance of the sun and, when the wind blows just right, the smoke and fog from the many forest fires. Granma's house truly is the land of easy living... or it is for me anyhow.

Granma's house is great. Jeremy is always begging to have us put in her will to get the house and land when she, um, you know... I remember as a child, we'd spend weekends and holidays walking through the woods picking up sticks. (and by sticks I don't mean the puny things, I'm talking about the huge tree branches and occasional tree that topple over) It was my Grandad's way of keeping the forest floor clear of underbrush and lessen the chances of fueling our own forest fire. Our payment for picking up sticks was always a night of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire made from the sticks we gathered.

Now its Kyra and the Babies turn to enjoy Granma's house. The Babies have acres and acres of fenced in land to run free. There is a swing set my Grandad built for us as children, a fish pond he made for Granma, and the hammock he would lay in for hours at a time. All of this, these glorious childhood memories, is at Kyra's hands to explore. May she love it as much as Granma and I do.


  1. glad you've found your haven again. Sorry you had to leave your other haven behind. Too late for strawberry season, I suppose.

    Hey, even with the dial up, I'd like to see some pictures of this place you've described so much.

  2. glad to hear you've settled in and are enjoying your stay ... can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  3. Any picture requests will probably have to wait until I meet up with Joelle... as Granma's computer doesn't have a memory card reader, nor do I have the cord to transfer pictures from my camera other wise. But pictures will come, probably in mass droves when I can get to them.

    Oh, and the strawberry season for the Sunshine State is in Feberuary. We're just a few months behind. :p

  4. I'm so glad to hear that y'all are enjoying yourselves! But, I'm missing you terribly :(