Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Good Cry

Have you ever just needed a good cry? I mean a good cry. As in tears gushing, loud wailing, and alternating punching and clutching a pillow kind of good cry?

I need one. I've thought about crying, have nearly broke down and started crying, but yet, not a tear has fallen. Not one. I cried as I dropped Jeremy off at the pier, but that was the last time. And even then it was silent tears.

I haven't had a moment to myself, to sit and be sad about my husband leaving. And I need one. I need my own 30 minute pity party all by myself. And for whatever reason, I'll let you guys read about me wanting to cry, but you're not allowed to watch me do it.

My mission for you all today... Make me feel better and tell me about something wonderful or funny that has happened to you lately, because I need a few good laughs if I can't have my one good cry.


  1. umm, something funny ... Rachel's hair has decided to always have a curl sticking straight up on top of her head, even when there's no pony tail holder in (and hasn't been since yesterday morning). lol

  2. Well, you made me cry. Thanks alot. I don't think you are going to feel better until you get that cry, so here is my suggestion: come on over to my house. I'll take Kyra and Aeralyn on a walk to the park. You can have the house all to yourself to do whatever you want as long as you promise not to break anything. Then, you can meet us at the park when you're done and we will all act like nothing ever happened. Seriously.

    Hmm...nothing funny has happened lately to me. I've had a majorly cranky baby (which by the way, it's allergies the ped. says), and hellacious allergies myself. But I found a website you might like! Here's the link:

  3. Sorry I really tried to think of something that happened today but nothing did. And I feel the same way you do. I am so stressed today, the reason I didn't write earlier was beecause I was having my good ol' cry! So i think you should just do it. I feel better and you probably will too! So just do it

    Oh I think it is great Kyra loves fried Okra...the best are at Cracker barrell....I know this because I LOVE okra of any kind!